[Priscilla] Videos

I’ve Just Started Living by the McGruders

Live footage of Magma members honoring Carroll McGruder, the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient at the 13th Annual Gospel Music Convention, held in November, 2012, at the Centene Center, in Farmington, Missouri.

The McGruders perform an inspirational and upbeat version of “It’s Not Over ‘Till It’s Over”, recorded live in a 180 year old church.

Some admired Priscilla McGruder for her talents….even desired a portion of her anointing. Others wished for her power in prayer and dedication to touch them. Whether in singing or preaching; her powerful voice would wake up the “callings which are without repentance” inside us. She has been acclaimed; acknowledged; awarded; appreciated; and best of all […]

Made Up My Mind by the McGruders

The Finish Line by the McGruders. I can Make it.

The Vessel Of Honor by The McGruders

At Bishop Kenneth Haney’s Funeral the question was asked ” who will take up these departed warriors mantles?” Sydney McDonald ( age 10 who is a great niece o…

Gospel song by Priscilla macGruder very inspired hope you enjoy!